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Anonymous said: I don't know if anybody mentioned it
but ever noticed how the movie is called tangled
& never once did her hair get tangled. XD
just putting it out there if nobody has. LOL

SO TRUE!  Actually if you’re a 3d student trying to fathom how they handled all that hair you might notice that her hair almost never parts and it’s in  rope form for much of the film.  I think that for a lot of the time the could get away with animating the hair just to her shoulders or elbows, and then for the majority of it apply a hair texture  to some simple geometry.  But you are so right, no tangles… ever.

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  1. iknoowright said: i think i read or heard somewhere that they changed the name to Tangled because they wanted boys and girls to watch it. i think it was going to be something else about Rapunzel and hair…i actually cant remember lol but it was girly! haha
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